Businesses: How to become ‘legit’ on Facebook

Are you a business that has a set up a personal profile on Facebook? Facebook’s Statement of Rights and Responsibilities do NOT allow you to create a profile with anything else than your personal name.  And yet, I have many “friends” with names such as “Dive Operator this” or “Bar/Pub that”.   I won’t name and shame them here but they are all at risk at having their profile deleted.

I have known cases where this has happened to people and to businesses. The only way to get it re-activated is to prove that the name on the profile is your real name – impossible to do if your profile says your name is “XYZ Dive Center”.

Okay, you say, I’ve made this mistake how can I fix it? Fortunately, Facebook has finally set up a way to migrate your profile to an official Facebook page.

Log into Facebook as normal and then go to the Profile to Page Migration Tool. Your friends will be converted to “Fans”, and your profile photos will also be moved over. Unfortunately all other content, including wall posts, comments and likes, messages and extra photos won’t be moved. Any applications linked to the account lose that connection. You may or may not lose your username in the transfer.

Once the business page is live, you can fill in all the other necessary information.

Note: this conversion cannot be undone.

If you need to save content from your personal profile download the information via the data downloader found in your Account>Account Settings.

All it takes is enough people to report you as not being a real person and your Facebook presence is gone. So in order not to lose the hard work you have put into building brand awareness and growing your community, migrate your invalid profile NOW.

Update: If you are a person with a lot of friends and looking to split your professional life from your personal life by creating a Public Figure page using the migration tool, it may pay to read this article first.

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