Why posting in quick succession is a bad idea

You’ve been putting in the effort to build your brand by writing blog posts and posting to Facebook and tweeting on Twitter. You have lots of information you just have to get out to your fans and followers. Is it all too much? For them, that is.

Rapid fire postings do nothing but overwhelm a reader and get them sick and tired of being overstuffed.

Facebook has long had the facility for users to hide content from the newsfeed whether they are from friends or pages. It is sometimes less aggravation to hide the content than to unfriend or unlike.

And it looks like Twitter is testing a new feature that would hide excessive messages from users in a short space of time.  A handful of over-active accounts can create enough noise to render your main twitter feed useless.

Social media is about the 3 Es. Educate, Entertain and Engage.

Give your posts time to mature like a fine wine. Instead of posting several times an hour, post every couple of hours. Sometimes when we say less it is more powerful. Think quality, not quantity.

Facebook also collapses posts from third party apps such as NetworkedBlogs and RSS Graffiti. So even if you aren’t auto posting a lot of articles, your post will get lost in the noise. It is better to manually share your new blog posts directly on your wall for better visibility and engagement.

Too many posts all at once and you become the annoying little kid who’s jumping around screaming “look at me, see what I’m doing”. As people turn off you up the ante and increase the frequency hoping for more attention. It doesn’t work that way.

Decrease the frequency of your posts giving them time to mature and you’ll discover more people will respond to your message, thereby increasing your chances of developing more fans and followers.


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